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Long-Term Care Insurance Company Contacts

Contacts For Long-Term Care Insurance Companies
Claims Departments - Policyholder Inquiries

Here are phone numbers for Claims Departments for various Long-Term Care Insurance Companies
The Association provides this listing as a public service to help individuals and family members looking to contact insurance companies regarding a long-term care insurance policy. These are good numbers to call to start a claim or to get information on a long-term care insurance policy benefits.

Many companies have outsourced their Claims and Customer Support to "Third Party Administrators" (TPAs). We have included their phone numbers as well.

IF YOU FIND A BETTER PHONE NUMBER and would like to share it so we can add (or correct) this listing would you kindly call the Association at 818-597-3227. We do our best to keep this listing current and accurate but we know that phone numbers change. So, thank you to those who help.

DO NOT CALL THESE NUMBERS TO GET POLICY PRICE QUOTES or to purchase a new policy. Insurance companies do not sell directly. You can call the Association and ask to speak with a local long-term care insurance specialist who can educate you and provide cost comparisons. Call 818-597-3227.


We have listed companies by the approximate number of policies sold. Larger companies at the top. Phone numbers listed are shared by top LTC agents.
The Claims Department is often a good place to start when you are seeking information. Also listed are general Customer Service numbers shared by leading long-term care insurance agents.

Company Name Claims Phone Number
Genworth 800-876-4582 - or - 800-921-9341
John Hancock 800-377-7311 - or - 800-233-1449
Mutual of Omaha 800-921-9334 - or - 877-894-2478
Transamerica 866-745-3544 - or - 800-338-0257
Unum 800-331-1538 - or - 888-909-9900
Met Life 888-565-3761
Prudential 888-669-3916 - or - 800-732-0416
Lincoln Benefit Life 888-503-8110 - or - 888-505-3979
Penn Treaty 800-222-3469 - or - 800-362-0700
Allianz 866-359-3476 - or - 800-950-5872
CNA 800-262-1037 - or - 800-437-8854
Conseco (Senior Health PA) 877-452-5824
Fortis (Time/Fortis) 800-233-1449
MedAmerica 800-544-0327 - or - 800-724-1582
Physician's Mutual 888-932-7642 - or - 800-228-9100
Mass Mutual 888-505-8952 - or - 800-568-9916
Kanawha 800-260-2162
AIG 888-316-2672 - or - 800-710-9876
CUNA Mutual 866-245-7133
State Life 800-428-2316 - or - 800-366-5463
RiverSource 855-381-5728
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida 866-787-2089
United Security Assurance (PA) 800-872-3044
Bankers Life & Casualty 800-621-3724
LifeSecure Insurance Co. 888-575-8246
New York Life 800-224-4582
Northwestern Mutual 800-748-9493
State Farm 866-855-1212
Thrivent Financial 800-732-2727 - or - 888-422-5737
Knights of Columbus 800-214-9825
American Progressive 800-595-7908
Travelers 877-582-7767
List Updated August 2018
We do our best to keep this list current and accurate but can't warrant the numbers above are correct. If you let us know by calling 818-597-3227, we will do our best to update the listing. Thank you.
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Tips For Filing A New Long-Term Care Insurance Claim

Many of the calls received by the Association come from adult children seeking information about how to file an insurance claim on behalf of an aging parent. With that in mind, we offer the following tips, shared by Melissa Barnickel of Baygroup Insurance of Monkton, MD.

Communication is key to an effective claims process. It begins well before the claim takes place.Make certain that appropriate family members and advisors know that the long term care insurance policy exists. Give them a copy of the policy schedule page or preferably a copy of the entire policy as well as the business card of the agent who sold you the policy or the contact person/benefit department for your employer if a group plan through your employer.

The claim process may vary from company to company but generally the following applies:

Designate individual who will be in charge. This person must have written authorization to act on your behalf.

Contact the insurance company as soon as you think care might be needed. Ask them what their requirements are if in-home care is likely. The skill level or certification or license requirements may be central to having claims paid.

Have the insurance company send out relevant forms and begin claim process. Note: Your insurance agent needs a signed and dated authorization in order to speak to Insurance Company, for any reason, on your behalf.

Most Claims require that a plan of care, detailing actual care that is needed, be submitted. Ascertain whether the company will handle the Assessment and Plan of Care or if the individual has the choice to hire a social worker or nurse to provide this service.

Claim Forms - Make certain physician's notes include reference to need for help with activities of daily living (ADL's) or due to cognitive impairment.

Have a duplicate copy of all forms prior to sending originals to insurance company.

Understand that claims usually are reimbursed once a month. The first claim usually is paid about one month after the claim is received by the insurance company.

Care Coordination - claim time can be very stressful to the insured as well as to family members. In order to ease the transition, many LTC carriers have provided for care coordination in their policies. Since health and safety are primary concerns, the care coordinator can act immediately, if necessary, to assess the situation and draw up a plan of care. The care coordinator may assist in arranging for services and may help with the claim. They follow up as necessary to monitor and review the plan of care.

If you are ready to compare long term care insurance costs click on this link and request no-obligation information from one of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance's designated LTCi specialists. Or call our offices at (818) 597-3227.

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