New Video Aids Consumers Shopping For Long Term Care Insurance

July 9, 2014 –  Important ways to make certain you get the best price and benefits when considering long term care insurance are contained in a new five-minute video featuring the director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

The five minute video recorded at the 2014 National Long Term Care Summit features Slome sharing how consumers should undertake a search for this important protection.  “Today, long term care insurance is a complex product and while they seem pretty similar to each other there can be vast and significant differences come claim time,” explains Jesse Slome, executive director of the Association, a national trade group focused on creating heightened awareness.

In the video, Slome shares some recent examples of important differences that consumers might not be aware of.  “One company charges smokers 45 percent more than non smokers but another only charges 15 percent more,” Slome shares.  “Some companies will pay benefits if you are outside of the U.S. but not all will and those are just two examples that make it so vitally important to work with someone experienced in the field.”

“Term life insurance is very simple, bank CDs are very simple but long term care insurance is one of the most complex products that exists today.”

“Prices for virtually identical coverage will vary considerably, discounts available will vary and even acceptable health conditions will vary from one insurance company to the next,” Slome notes.  “We encourage comparison shopping but few consumers have the time or knowledge to really compare policies.  True expertise comes from experience that is really acquired over time.”

Slome shares information of value to consumers and recommends working with a knowledgeable specialist.   “You might have a family doctor who you see regularly but if you have a heart condition, you want to be treated by a cardiologist and this is no different,” Slome adds.  “The advice you get from a specialist is very likely to save you money, get you better coverage or both.”

To view the video go to

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance is a national organization that advocates for sound and responsible planning for the real risk of needing long term care services.  The national organization is headquartered in Los Angeles

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