2024 Short-Term Care Insurance Price Index Released

Short-Term Care Insurance Price News

short-term-care-insurance-priceA 65-year-old female seeking $55,000 of home care benefits would pay $65 in monthly premiums according to the 2024 Short-Term Care Insurance Price Index released today by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

“Short-term care insurance is an increasingly viable option for many seniors,” states Jesse Slome, director of the long-term care insurance organization. ”The better policies available offer benefits for home care as well as skilled nursing home care. Available in many states, these policies can be very attractive for seniors, especially women.”

According to Slome, short-term care insurance policies can be especially attractive to older individuals, to those with some existing health conditions and to those who find traditional long-term care insurance too costly.

“A real overlooked benefit is the fact that these policies generally charge women and men the same amount for equal coverage,” Slome explains. “With traditional long-term care insurance, women can pay 40 percent t more than men for equal coverage because their risk of needing care and use of insurance is so much greater. The equal cost is a significant advantage that should not be overlooked by the many older women who are living alone.”

According to the 2024 Short-Term Care Insurance Price Index, a 65-year-old woman could pay $125 monthly for coverage including both nursing home as well as home care benefits. Identical coverage purchased at age 75 would currently cost $277-per-month.

Access the complete 2024 Short-Term Care Insurance Price Index at https://www.aaltci.org/long-term-care-insurance/learning-center/ltcfacts-2024.php#2024short-term.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) advocates for the importance of planning and supports insurance professionals who market both traditional and hybrid LTC solutions. Access the latest long-term care insurance statistics at https://www.aaltci.org/long-term-care-insurance/learning-center/ltcfacts-2024.php.

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