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Spokane Valley Long-Term Care Insurance Information

This page provides specific, current information on Spokane Valley area long-term care costs and insurance protection.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance does not sell insurance. If you would like specifics about policies you can either complete our simple online questionnaire and we'll have a designated professional provide you with no-obligation information or use our online Find An Agent look-up to find members in your area.

Spokane Valley Long-Term Care Costs

Home Health Aide: Average Hourly Rate: $24

Homemaker: Average Hourly Rate: $23

Assisted Living: Lowest Monthly Cost: $1,600

Assisted Living: Highest Monthly Cost: $4,200

Assisted Living: Average Monthly Cost: $3,050

Nursing Home: Semi-Private Daily: $225

Nursing Home: Private Average Daily: $245

Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Important Things To Keep In Mind

Insurance Company Ratings Matter

Some people actually buy long-term care insurance and, typically because of an accident, actually trigger their benefits within the first few years.

Your Health Matters Most

It's important to start considering long-term care insurance when you are still able to "health qualify". Insurers offer individuals in good health discounts that are locked in. So, even when your health changes, and everyone's does, you'll still enjoy the savings. More important, you'll have locked in your insurability. Wait too long, and a health condition could arise that makes you uninsurable. Each insurance company sets their own acceptable health standards -- a reason you want to start by talking to a long-term care insurance professional with access to multiple insurance companies.

Rates Can Vary Significantly

Each year we compare prices for virtually identical long-term care insurance coverage. For someone age 55, we have found rates can vary by a few hundred dollars a year... to nearly $1,000. Some insurance agents are only licensed and appointed to represent one insurance company -- and that may indeed be your best option. But it pays to ask and it may pay to work with someone who has access to multiple insurers.

There Are Ways To Reduce The Cost

Get the coverage you need... for a price you can afford. And, make sure you work with a knowledgeable long-term care insurance professional who can tell you ways to save on long-term care insurance. For more information on discounts worth considering, click here now.

This information is provided compliments of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, the industry's professional trade organization, . For more info click here now.

Another risk millions of Americans face is a critical illness such as a heart attack or stroke. Today, a form of insurance provides a cash payment when you are diagnosed with a critical illness. For information on critical illness insurance, visit the website of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. Click here now.

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