Long Term Care Insurance Savings Tip Added To Association Website

Best long term care insurance website www.aaltci.org

Best long term care insurance website www.aaltci.org

March 28, 2014 –  The latest tip for saving money and getting better long term care insurance costs and benefits has been added to the website of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

“The new section offering consumers real examples of ways real people achieved significant savings and found ways to get better benefits has become one of the most highly read sections on our website,” declares Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, a national trade group.   The organization has been adding one new example each week.

“People mistakenly think all long term care insurance policies are the same,” Slome notes.  “Not only are policies different but prices are different.   An off-the-shelf approach often just isn’t in the best interest of the prospect and we’ve been showcasing real examples of such situations.”

The latest scenario discusses how a financial planner proposed coverage costing $5,000 a year that the single woman, age 56, felt was more than she wanted to spend.   “Working with a specialist who really understood how to take advantage of available discounts, she was able to get coverage for both her and her significant other for $1,400 a year,” Slome explains.

“Some insurance and financial products are highly specialized and long term care insurance is certainly one where the consumer can benefit by speaking with a knowledgeable specialist,” Slome adds.  “In this particular situation, the male in the relationship was adamantly opposed to getting insurance coverage.  However, by getting him coverage that cost $300-a-year, she was also able to save $800-a-year. ”

“One of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding who to work with,” Slome advises.  The Association director suggests three questions to evaluate an insurance professional’s expertise in the long-term care insurance field.  “Ask how many people they have helped get this insurance, how many years they have focused on LTC insurance and how many insurance companies they are appointed with,” he advises.  “If an insurance broker is appointed with multiple companies, he or she will do the comparison shopping for you.”

To learn more about long term care insurance savings ideas go to www.aaltci.org/ideas.  For no obligation cost comparisons or second opinions for long term care insurance costs from a designated specialist call the organization at 818-597-3227 or visit their website.

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