Long Term Care Insurance Planning Tips For Your 50s

Los Angeles, CA – Aug 29, 2015 – To encourage more Americans in their 50s to consider long term care planning options, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance has just posted a new 10-minute educational video.

“We hear from many consumers in their 50s who want to know why they should consider long term care insurance and there is a lot of misinformation floating around,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).   The organization has posted a 10-minute video sharing relevant information to help those in their 50s make better decisions regarding long term care insurance planning.

“You can’t deal with everything in just 10 minutes but we wanted to share some pertinent information specifically for men and women in their 50s,” Slome explains.  The national long-term care insurance expert notes the ideal time to undertake long term care planning is prior to turning 65.  “You’ll have the most options available when you are younger and in better health, and it will cost you much less to plan for future needs,” he adds.

The organization’s video can be seen at https://youtu.be/6qXCfyHMOa4

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance was established in 1998 to create heightened awareness among both consumers and insurance professionals.     To learn more or to locate a knowledgeable insurance specialist call 818-597-3227 or visit the organization’s website at http://www.aaltci.org/long-term-care-insurance/free-quote/.

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