Long Term Care Insurance Buyers Tip For Different Aged Couples

Best long term care insurance website www.aaltci.org

Best long term care insurance information website www.aaltci.org

August 19, 2014 –  There’s no reason a husband and wife both applying for long-term care insurance should spend 50 percent more each year declares the director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

“Take a common scenario where the husband is 65 and the wife is 55,” share Jesse Slome, executive director of the Association, a national trade group focused on creating heightened awareness.   ”They could pay $2,475 a year by choosing one leading insurer or they could pay $3,675 yearly if they chose a different insurer an almost 50 percent difference.”

Slome was sharing real examples of why it is increasingly important for consumers to comparison shop when considering long-term care insurance protection.   “People mistakenly think this is a commodity and that all prices are going to basically be the same but that is clearly not true today,” Slome advised consumers.

“If the husband is older, one long-term care insurance combination will be better,” Slome notes.  “If the wife is older, another is going to be the better buy, this is one of those nuances that few people are aware of.”

“Contacting an insurance company directly is not going to get you the comparison you seek,” Slome advised the group.  “It will put you in touch with an agent who will clearly favor that company but he or she may not be appointed to sell other companies so don’t expect an unbiased comparison.”

“Prices for virtually identical coverage will vary considerably, discounts available will vary and even acceptable health conditions will vary from one insurance company to the next,” Slome notes.  “We encourage comparison shopping but few consumers have the time or knowledge to really compare policies.  True expertise comes from experience that is really acquired over time.”

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance is a national organization that advocates for sound and responsible planning for the real risk of needing long term care services.  To connect with a designated specialist call the organization at 818-597-3227 or visit their website.


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