Long Term Care Awareness Month Focus

As a result of longer life spans and societal changes, long term care planning is important for both men and women who expect to live into their 80s and beyond declares one of the nation’s long term care insurance experts.


“The issue of long term care is especially important for women,” explains Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.  “Today, women provide the majority of unpaid informal care often for their spouses, for their adult parents as well as others and they will also have the greatest need for care at some point in their own lives.”

To educate more women about the importance of long term care planning the Association plans to focus its attention during November’s Long Term Care Awareness Month toward educating women. Slome, who created the Month in 1991 designed to create heightened awareness of long term care-related issue, notes that the effort has received Congressional recognition as well as been declared by several Governors and Mayors.  “We specifically did not include the word insurance because this is a far more expansive issue and long term care insurance plays a rather small albeit important part,” Slome adds.

To assist women interested in learning more the organization has already posted a new five-minute educational video online.   “Long Term Care Awareness Month is a grassroots effort supported by those individuals and entities which share our commitment about this important matter,” Slome adds.  “We hope many take November as the opportunity to educate individuals, whether they focus on both men and women or just women.”

The Association holds its national Long Term Care Insurance Summit during the month.

Long Term Care Insurance is Good for America a campaign conceived by Barry Fisher and Jesse Slome for the LTC insurance industry

For additional information from the Association call the organization’s national headquarters at (818) 597-3227 or visit their website www.aaltci.org where consumers can also access a variety of free online consumer information guides.

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