Interest In Home Care Services Grows Reports Long Term Care Insurance Association

Los Angeles; July 15, 2013 – Consumers are beginning to understand the relation between home care services and long term care insurance.

“Many have mistakenly associated long term care insurancewith care in a skilled nursing home,”

long term care insurance is for home care services

long term care insurance is for home care services

declares Jesse Slome, executive director of the long term care insurance industry trade group based in Los Angeles, CA.  “We work hard to break that stereotype thinking because what people really want and get is care in their own home.”

Slome shared data from a mid-year analysis of traffic to the Association’s website.  “Some of the most popular AALTCI reports viewed by consumers focused on information pertaining to home care and the three small banner ads linking to home care providers generated almost as many click throughs over six months as they did for the prior full year.”

The Association’s consumer website has banner ads for three providers of home care services, Homewatch Caregivers, Right at Home and Addus HealthCare.  “These are all industry leaders who help our trade group educate consumers about the importance of protecting against the financial and emotional toll that arises following a need for long-term care.”  Consumers seeking information on home care services grew between 49 and 73 percent for the first six months of 2013, the organization’s director shared.

Website traffic to the Association’s consumer information website has increased exponentially Slome relayed to a group of long term care insurance marketers.  “The Internet continues to change the way people seek and obtain information,” Slome shared.  “The old ways of marketing and selling insurance are rapidly changing and those who fail to recognize and adapt to this change will find themselves out in the cold.”

Consumers seeking long term care insurance costs, home care services and to learn about newer planning options from a designated specialist, a member of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, can also visit the organization’s website or call 818-597-3227.   Those seeking information  on Medicare supplement insurance should contact the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance at 818-597-3205.

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