Five States With Most Under Age 65 Nursing Home Residents

According to a report, the following five states have the largest percentage of nursing home residents under the standard Medicare eligibility age.  In Arizona, 16.57 percent of new nursing home residents admitted were under age 65.

Other states reporting the highest percentages were Louisiana (15.71%), California (15.19%), Illinois (14.74%), Ohio (14.56) and Maryland (14.44%).  Data comes from the Brown University Shaping Long Term Care In America Project.

While most people associate long-term care with nursing home stay, according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance the majority of long-term care takes place at home or increasingly in assisted living communities.

The average age for nursing home residents upon admission for the five states was Arizona (78.24), Louisiana (77.84), California (77.76), Illinois (80.37), Ohio (78.81) and Maryland (79.23).

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