Insurance Marketing Expert Urges Use Time At Home To Seed Future Business

Linsurance marketing expert

Jesse Slome, leading long term care insurance expert, director AALTCI

Instead of watching television, put your time at home to productive use advises the director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance and the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

“Home sequestration doesn’t mean you can’t be productive,” shares Jesse Slome, director of leading insurance organizations and an award-winning marketing expert.  “At some point life will resume and those who put their days at home to best use will be in the better position to benefit.”

Slome committed to developing and sharing 10 Marketing Tips for Homebound Insurance Agents.   The award-winning marketing professional decided that doing nothing was both boring and unproductive.  “This is the ideal time to do the many things and to learn the many things that will make you incredibly successful down the road,” Slome notes.

The first effort shared by Slome focused on the importance of creating or improving an insurance agent’s Linkedin profile.

Most people think of Linkedin merely in terms of job searches but Slome believes that there is a significant reason that every insurance agent needs a Linkedin profile.

“We all use the Internet today to not just find the least expensive product or to read restaurant review,” Slome explains.  “Today, we use the Internet to search for reviews and information when selecting doctors, electricians and insurance agents.”

“When you type in someone’s name, typically the first result is a Linkedin profile,” Slome notes.  “Not having one is basically saying, I’m not really in business and having a lousy one is saying, I’m really not the professional you want to work with.”

Slome urged all insurance agents to take a few hours to either create a profile or dramatically improve and update their current profile.  Insurance agents listed on the Find A Local Medicare Supplement Agent online directory were given access today to a webinar Slome recorded on created an effective profile.  The Association also provided exclusive masthead artwork for agents.

“We’re going to be housebound for the foreseeable future,” Slome predicts.  “You can watch the stock market tumble or you can be planting seeds that will flourish in the future.  I vote for planting today.”

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