Consumers Selecting Limited Long Term Care Insurance Policies

long term care insurance facts published in 2015 LTC Sourcebook

long term care insurance facts published in 2015 LTC Sourcebook

June 23, 2015, Los Angeles, CA -   Just over half of individuals who purchased long term care insurance selected a three year benefit period for their plan reports the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

“Some 51 percent of buyers in 2014 chose the 3-year benefit period, a significant increase from our last study,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).   The organization’s research findings will be published in the 2015 Sourcebook for Long Term Care Insurance Information.  Copies will be available in July.

“For the vast majority of individuals who require long-term care services, this is suitable coverage,” according to the AALTCI director.   ”Most people with LTC insurance receive care in their own home where care can be affordably managed.  As a result, people can derive benefits from their policy for longer than the three year time period implies.”

In fact the long term care expert notes that a significant number of long term care insurance claims last for one year or less.  “That is a reason we are educating more people about the benefits of having some short-term care insurance,” Slome explains.  Short term care options are available in a number of states and some policies will provide benefits comparable to traditional long term care insurance.

The National Advisory Center for Short Term Care Information website was created by AALTCI to help consumers gain greater knowledge about these products.  Copies of the 2015 LTC Sourcebook are mailed free of charge to Association members.

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