Comparisons Essential For Overweight Persons Considering Long Term Care Insurance

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Best long term care insurance information website

August 25, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Over two thirds of American adults are overweight and those considering long term care insurance protection need to understand some important facts explains the director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

“People incorrectly believe that everyone qualifies to get long term care insurance and that all policies are pretty much identical,” declares Jesse Slome, director of the Long-Term Care Insurance a national trade group.   ”That’s simply not the case and understanding how weight impacts your insurability is one of the areas people to know more about.”

According to Slome some 69 percent of American adults are overweight.  “A significant number are considered obese which means they weigh 100 pounds more than the ideal maximum for their height,” the AALTCI director notes.

The Association just posted a new example of how weight impacted a real New York couple purchasing long term care insurance.  “The husband was 5-7 and weighed just around 255 pounds which was the maximum acceptable weight for the insurer being recommended by his local insurance agent,” Slome notes.  “The agent was encouraging John to submit an electronic application but that could have been a very costly mistake.”

Slome shared with consumers that each insurer establishes their own minimum and maximum.  “If the scale tipped over the 256 pound mark when John underwent the insurer-required physical, he would have been declined,” Slome shared with the group.  “The agent probably didn’t know that other insurers had higher weight limits.  Few agents today have the interest or knowledge to help a consumer comparison shop,” he added.

Ultimately a long term care insurance specialist recommended John consider coverage from a copy that had no height and weight qualification.  “This particular company will immediately reject anyone who has previously been declined insurance within the past three years,” Slome notes.  “Had John been declined by the original insurer he would have been out of luck.”

“Too many inexperienced insurance agents today take an ‘off the shelf’ approach to recommending a long-term care insurance policy,” Slome notes.  “Today, a consumer will really benefit by working with a specialist who has knowledge of all the major insurers, their provisions and requirements — the small print that few take the time to learn.”

Individuals interested in comparing long term care insurance costs from a designated specialist can call the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance at 818-597-3227 or visit the organization’s website where free access to five long term care insurance consumer guides is available.

Read the real long term care insurance comparison examples.


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