Paid Long-Term Care Insurance 2022 Claims Grow

2022 Claims Long-Term Care InsuranceLong-term care insurance companies paid out a record $13.25 Billion in 2022 according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).

“Claim benefit payouts for policyholders with traditional long-term care insurance coverage grew from $12.3 Billion in 2021,” reports Jesse Slome, AALTCI’s director.  “The increase in benefit payouts is expected as policyholders age and start to require care.” For calendar-year 2018 the Association reported that long-term care insurers paid out $10.3 Billion.

According to Slome, the amount reported represents claims for those owning traditional or health-based long-term care insurance.  “Data for linked-benefit policies is harder to calculate because there are so many different variations of these policies,” Slome acknowledges. “Certainly, some of these policies are paying out benefits for those needing long-term care but the value may still be nominal.”

For 2022, the Association reports that benefits were paid to about 345,000 policyholders. “This represents an increase over the prior year,” Slome shares. For 2021 AALTCI reported benefits were paid to 336,000 claimants. During the calendar-year 2018, AALTCI data reported 303,000 policyholders received claim benefits.

“Long-term care insurance benefits are mostly paid to individuals who receive benefits for qualifying care in their own home or in an assisted living facility,” Slome points out. “Benefits also are paid when policyholders require care in skilled nursing home settings.” The AALTCI data is gathered and corroborated with leading industry actuaries including historical average annual growth rates from the last 10 years from companies’ year-end reporting data.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) advocates for the importance of long-term care planning. Since 1998 AALTCI has supported insurance professionals who market both traditional and hybrid long-term care solutions.  To access information, go to or call the organization at 818-597-3227.

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