Employer Long Term Care Insurance Section Launched

Los Angeles, CA – January 9, 2013:   Growing interest in group or employer-sponsored long term care insurance has prompted the addition of a comprehensive information section to the website of the leading industry trade organization.

“More businesses and other groups have been requesting information on long term care insurance for their employees or their members,” explains Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.  “That prompted us to add an entire new section to the Association’s website that provides generic information addressing common questions and providing employers with the option of connecting with a knowledgeable group long term care insurance specialist.”

Employers and trade groups including membership associations increasingly are offering long term care insurance protection on a voluntary or employee-paid benefit according to the Association.  “There are some significant benefits to employers and employees,” Slome notes, “including the ability to qualify for some discounts only available to groups as well as some simplified health underwriting.”

“Groups can be as small as under-10 individuals to qualify for these advantages today,” Slome reports.  “That is one reason why there’s been a growing interest especially among the millions of small and mid-sized businesses.”  Employers can take advantage of special tax advantages that can make long-term care insurance paid for by the corporation a fully tax deductible benefit.  “There are so few tax advantaged opportunities for owners to reduce their taxes on something that truly benefits the owner and his or her spouse,” Slome notes.

The new Employer Group section of the Association’s website provides the option of connecting with a knowledgeable group long term care insurance specialist.  “If an employer has a benefits consultant, the specialist will support their efforts but many employers don’t have a benefits expert so the specialist will be able to walk them through the entire process without any cost or obligation,” Slome concludes.

The Association’s employer long term care insurance online information can be accessed as part of the organization’s website.  Established in 1998, the Los Angeles, CA-based American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is the national association serving insurance and financial professionals who provide long-term care financing solutions.

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