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An Employer's Guide To
Long-Term Care Insurance

An increasing number of employers, organizations and associations are helping their employees and members plan for the very real risk of needing long-term care.

A group plan can provide significant advantages including discounts and streamlined health underwriting. There can be tax incentives and employer-sponsored long-term care benefit programs can be 100% voluntary (the employee pays the entire premium).

Groups today can be as small as three (3) employees or as large as 30,000. Coverage can include selected employee groups. It can also be offered to spouses, partners, parents and parents-in-law, as well as to retirees and even spouses of retirees.

Options for Employers (or groups) include:

Executive Carve-Out Plans for key employees.

Employer Paid Base Plans for management or all employees.

Voluntary Plans for all employees.

This section of the Association's website provides information and addresses the most frequently asked questions.

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Group Employer Long Term Care Insurance Information