Code of Ethics

To hold the selling and servicing of long-term care insurance and related financial protection products and services as a professional and public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige. Therefore, I believe it to be my responsibility:

  • To keep paramount the needs of those whom I serve.
  • To hold my profession in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  • To maintain my clients' confidences.
  • To render exemplary service to my clients and their beneficiaries.
  • To respect my clients' trust in me, and to never do anything that would betray their trust or confidence.
  • To present policies factually and accurately, providing all information necessary.
  • To use no advertising which I know may be false or misleading.
  • To keep informed with respect to applicable laws and regulations and to observe them in the practice of my profession.
  • To cooperate with others whose services are constructively related to meeting the needs of my clients.