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The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance established the National Advisory Center for Short Term Care Information as a benefit to consumers seeking information.

We do not sell insurance (our members do). We do not favor or promote one insurance company over another. When we learn of opportunities that can benefit consumers, we pass along the information. Always work with a knowledgeable insurance professional you trust, read the policy and be sure to ask questions.

Kemper Offers A Home Health Care Policy With Added Benefits

Kemper offers a Home Care Indemnity Policy (Kemper Senior Solutions Home Health Care) that pays for qualifying care received at home.

Here are some of the things worth considering.

There are only 2 health questions on the application. Many people who would not be able to qualify for any form of traditional long term care insurance will qualify for this policy.

This is an "indemnity" policy which means it pays cash directly to you or someone you designate.

For a few dollars more, you can add an Optional Benefits rider that will pay for an annual physical exam or a vision exam (and glasses) and a hearing exam (and hearing aides).

The base policy costs about $25 a month for someone age 50-to-60. It costs about $30-a-month for someone age 61-to-70. WOMEN AND MEN PAY THE SAME AMOUNTS,/p>

Who Should Consider The Kemper Home Care Policy?

Anyone with existing health issues. The application asks only two health questions. The 2 questions can be found below.

Anyone up to age 85. Most traditional long term care insurance policies will not accept new applications after age 75 or 80 at the most

Residents of certain states (such as North Carolina) where the rates for the Optional Benefit are highly attractive.

Anyone who can't afford the cost of a traditional long-term care insurance policy. Someone who wants some limited home care benefits for a cost of maybe $20 to $40 a month.

If you take prescription medications costing several hundred dollars a year. The prescription drug benefit can pay you cash, even if your prescriptions are covered by your health insurance or Medicare (this feature varies so read your State-specific rules).

What Are The Two Application Questions You Must Answer "NO" To

#1     Are you currently living in a nursing home or assisted living facility or currently receiving home health care or similar type benefits?

#2     Are you physically unable to perform routine activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting or transferring to or from a bed or chair?

Receive More Information

To request information from a licensed agent, call the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance at 818-597-3227 or Click here to request information via Email.

State-Specific Information for the Kemper Home Health Care Product

This policy is approved in 31 states. Highlighted states (left hand column) will actually give you access to read the State-specific brochure and see rates. IF YOUR STATE IS NOT YET HIGHLIGHTED, call and we'll connect you with someone who can get you information for your State. Call (818) 597-3205.

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