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Online LTC Learning, Marketing & Sales Center Launched
The nation's largest online resource for insurance professionals marketing LTC solutions. Listen now to free audios. Download a free marketing tool. Consider a new career selling LTC insurance. Click Read button to access now.
2010 Tax Deductions For LTC Insurance Increase 3 Percent
October 20, 2009 - The IRS has announced higher tax deductible limits for long-term care insurance in 2010.
2009 Long-Term Care Insurance Price Index
July 15, 2009 - Cost for long term health care insurance published by LTC Association. What do people pay for long-term care insurance?
Study Examines Long-Term Care Insurance Claims
June 8, 2009 - Largest LTC insurance claims top $1 million. Insurers paid $8.5B to 180,000 claimants. Two-thirds of claimants are women according to Association's long-term care insurance industry study.
National Long-Term Care Insurance SUMMIT
See All Info -- The leading national LTCi sales and marketing conference. Jointly held with LTC Partnership Summit for regulators and those responsible for 30 State Partnership programs. Early Registration Savings.
Group Long-Term Care Buyers Study-Employer Plans
March 20, 2009 - Buyers of group / employer-sponsored long-term care insurance are younger, buy longer coverage and go on claim sooner according to Association study.
2009 Individual Long-Term Care Insurance Buyers Study
Feb. 25, 2009 - Long-term care insurance industry study finds that 86% of buyers of LTC insurance were younger than 65. Consumers right-sizing long-term health insurance protection; cost-sharing reduces cost.
Federal And State Tax Deductibility Rules Online
Jan. 27, 2009 - Long-term care insurance tax deductibility rules and limits for both federal and state taxes are now available online. Click here to access information and be certain to discuss with your tax professional.
Higher 2009 Tax Deductible Limits For Long-Term Care
Oct. 16, 2008 - IRS announces increased tax deductible limits for long term care insurance for individuals and business owners. Read rules regarding tax deductible LTC insurance-2008 and 2009 tax deductions.
180,000 Americans Receive LTC Insurance Benefits
Aug. 6, 2008 - First industrywide report reveals how many people are already benefiting as Long Term Care insurance industry pays out $3.5B in 2007.
Study Reveals Best Ages To Begin LTC Planning
June 17, 2008 - Study of 250,000 applicants reveals percentage who qualify for good (preferred) health discounts as well as those declined insurance protection because they waited too long to apply.
LTC Insurance Buyers Younger - Claimants In Their 20s 30s
Mar. 23, 2008 - One-third of long-term care insurance buyers now under age 55 according to 2008 data. Study reveals claimants in their 20s and 30s too.
Learn More About Long Term Care Insurance

Chances are you are going to live a long life. Into your 80s, your 90s, maybe even longer. When you live a long life, the chances of needing long-term care are greatly increased. Some 8.25 million Americans now own protection to pay the high cost of care and some 400,000 new policies are sold annually. That's because LTC insurance helps to cover qualifying costs for daily activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. It can pay for skilled nursing care or rehabilitation training either in a nursing facility or at home. For those suffering from a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's it can be especially beneficial.

Who Pays For Long Term Care (LTC)?

Many people are under the impression that Medicare, Medicaid or their health insurance will pay their Long Term Care costs.

Medicare has eligibility requirements for skilled nursing care only and when it pays, Medicare pays for a limited time period.

Medicaid is the federal / state welfare program. It will NOT cover long term health care costs for the average American.

Health insurance and medical supplement insurance (for those on Medicare) DO NOT cover nursing home care.

Individuals and families through their savings, assets, and cash pay most of the Long Term Care costs.

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