Aetna Home Care Insurance for Arizona

HOME CARE INSURANCE ARIZONA - Cash when you need qualifying home care

Watch this 6-minute video explaining home care insurance options available in Arizona.

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Get costs for home care insurance coverage in Arizona

If you are between ages 50 and 89, there are several options available for you. On the brief video (6 minutes) we give examples of costs for someone age 63 and someone age 73.

Let the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance connect you with one specialist in Arizona who will provide information and costs (the Association does NOT sell insurance - though we believe in the enormous benefit of having home care insurance protection).

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The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance does not sell or recommend any insurance products. If you ask for information, we will connect you with one independent long-term care insurance specialist who represents multiple insurance carriers and can explain BOTH linked-benefit as well as traditional long-term care insurance.
There is NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to buy from them.

Long-Term Care Insurance vs. Home Care Insurance
Some thoughts from Jesse Slome, Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Jesse Slome long-term care insurance expert

I have focused on long-term care insurance since the late 1980s. And, I co-founded the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance in 1997.

And, as you can tell from the enormous amount of information on the Association's website, I believe that an EDUCATED CONSUMER is the best prospect for this important protection.

But here is one thing that I know ... and that you should know

Long-term care insurance is complicated - and there are many options.

I am a strong believer that some insurance coverage is ALWAYS BETTER than none. And, that some of the short-term care insurance and home care insurance policies available are great options.

Most people want to be cared for at home.

Many claims will last one year or less.

Home care or short-term care insurance can be far more affordable (than a fuller long-term care insurance option).

Some policies will accept applicants up to age 89.

Comparing the various available options is just one reason that the Association advocates for the importance of speaking with a knowledgeable long-term care insurance specialist. He or she will know the differences between the various policies and can help you get the best coverage that suits your needs as well as what you'd like to spend.

You can call the Association with your general questions. If you'd like us to have one specialist connect with you (free and of course they will never pressure you to do anything)
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