Can you get long-term care insurance if you are disabled?

Can you get long-term care insurance if you are disabled?

Long-Term Care Insurance Options For Those With Disabilities
Information posted November 2021

long-term care insurance disabled disabilities

Can someone with disabilities get long-term care insurance? If you have a placard, are you insurable?

It depends.

What that means is that it depends on the reason. It depends on whether there are mobility problems. For example, you obtained a handicap placard prior to a knee replacement (but have recovered). Or, you asked your doctor and got one even though you don’t really ‘need it’. You simply wanted it because you are older.

It also depends on the insurance company you apply with, and that can be very important!

Best way to get long-term care insurance coverage if you have disabilities

1. Speak with an experienced specialist. Here's why. Some insurance plans will automatically decline anyone with a disability or a disability placard. Once you are declined by one company, the chances that another will accept you can be virtually zero.

2. Be honest about your condition. Here's why. The specialist can plead your case with the company. For example, one person got their disability placard as a way to deal with winter snow. They didn't have problems walking and the specialist could argue on their behalf.

3. There may be alternative options. Even if you are not going to health qualify for long-term care insurance, there are other options. A short-term care insurance policy may be available and it can provide the same type of care benefits for a period of a year (perhaps longer).

Let the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance connect you with one specialist who will provide information and costs (the Association does NOT sell insurance - though we believe in the enormous benefit of having home care insurance protection).

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Long-Term Care Insurance vs. Short Term Care Insurance
Some thoughts from Jesse Slome, Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

long-term care insurance for disabled disabilities

Both can pay for care at home, in an assisted living community or a skilled nursing home .

Short term care can typically pay for a year of care. It will cost you less money to buy.

Long-term care generally accepts applicants up to age 76 who are in good health.

Short-term care can accepts applicants to age 85 and has far less stringent health requirements.

Both are excellent options (if available in your state).

Comparing the various available options is just one reason that the Association advocates for the importance of speaking with a knowledgeable long-term care insurance specialist. He or she will know the differences between the various policies and can help you get the best coverage that suits your needs as well as what you'd like to spend.

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