July 6, 2007

Ten of the nation's leading long-term care insurance providers have joined forces to significantly increase awareness and sales of LTC protection during the month of November. "This is a milestone, a significant first for the long-term care insurance industry," declares Jesse Slome, Executive Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). "Top long-term care insurers have committed to work together with the Association in conjunction with 2007 Long-Term Care Awareness Week which takes place November 4 10.

The Association's Awareness Week "Power of One Million" campaign seeks to mobilize 10,000 insurance and financial professionals who will each communicate with 100 clients about the importance of long-term care planning. "With one voice, the industry and producers will reach out together to a million Americans providing meaningful information, conducting community-based educational seminars and explaining the benefits of coverage. This is the largest concentrated grassroots awareness and sales effort ever untaken by the combined LTC industry," Slome notes. "The message from top insurers to producers; we've joined together now join with us!"

New Online Resource Center To Provide Free Tools

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is establishing a special Awareness Week Online Resource Center ( for producers seeking information as well as free marketing and communications tools to use. "The Website will provide generic letters, phone scripts, downloadable five-minute sales audios and reproducible marketing material for producers with all levels of knowledge about long-term care planning." Slome explains. The Website will become operational on or before September 1st.

Ten leading LTC insurers are partnering with the Association on the special Awareness Week campaign inviting producers, financial planners, investment advisors and other professionals to visit the new Website. "Throughout the month of October, the first industry-supported national print and electronic campaign will specifically target financial planners and investment advisors," Slome states.

Insurers supporting the Long-Term Care Awareness Week campaign (listed alphabetically) are Allianz Life, Genworth Financial, John Hancock, MassMutual, MedAmerica, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Penn Treaty, Prudential and Transamerica Occidental.

"This marks a milestone for the long-term care insurance industry," Slome concludes. "It sends a message of insurer commitment to the marketplace and the continued growth of the industry."

Long-Term Care Awareness Week was established by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance ( The national professional organization, founded in 1998, serves insurance and financial professionals who market LTC solutions.

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