10th LTC Insurance Producers Summit. November 10-12, 2012. Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Call 818 597 3227

Testimonials From Attendees
At The 2011 LTCi SUMMIT

The following are actual, unedited comments from
attendees' Evaluation Forms at the last LTCi Summit
held in Las Vegas in 2011.

And, these are just a few of the comments.
Attend in 2012 and you'll see why this is the
one LTCi national conference tyo attend!


The LTCi Summit program has hit the mark! I strongly recommend that CLTC graduates attend.
Harley Gordon, President

2011 Attendee Testimonials

"This was a fantastic Summit! I liked the choice of both long and short sessions. Lots of education and it was great to compare stories with other brokers."
Allison Younger

"So glad I attended. Being and learning about producers from many companies rather than only attending one company's event was enlightening, Will look forward to next AALTCI conference."
Cookie Ross

Worth the trip. Your conferences are always filled with great information & tips."
Sue Myers

"It was my first Summit and I loved it. Learned so much. Nice to network with other LTC producers."
Pat Saltsman

"This conference was my first since belonging to AALTCI. The whole event has been enlightening and very educational. I learned so much. Thanks for a very well organized meeting."
Marilyn Kroenke, Allstate

"As a very new LTC agent this Summit provided me with resources and information to get a clearer start. Enthusiasm is contagious - very excited. Thank you for all that AALTCI does for agents."
Melody Martin

"Without question the most valuable 2 1/2 day investment someone in the LTCi business can make."
Mickey Batsell

"This is the best of the best LTC conferences. Great value - Great Ideas. Just what I needed to recharge my battery."
William S. Selinger

"Great meeting. Where else can you find the best & brightest in our industry sharing what works, hear from industry executives about their perspectives on the future of the industry and more. NO WHERE!"
Bob Vandy, NY National LTC Brokers

"Awesome 2 1/2 days. I am a new producer to LTCX. Tremendous seminar. Great focus. Excellent speakers and exhibits. Very well managed and coordinated event."
John Williams

"Great conference. Surprisingly nice hotel (the Tropicana) and affordable."
Laura Rossman

"As a new producer to LTCi, i was impressed with the Summit and the genuine warmth and willingness to share info from other experienced producers was welcome. A great conference. I'll come again."
Greg Russell

"I love being in a room of LTCi experts where you see even the most experienced producers furiously scribbling down new ideas. The sharing and positive attitudes of all attendees made this very worthwhile."
Craig Roers, Newman Long Term Care

Take a look at the program. Lots of powerful reasons to attend ... for a very affordable price.

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MORE 2011 Attendee Testimonials

"I enjoyed the Summit being a first timer. The people were very friendly since I did not know anyone. The programs were all worthwhile and loved Vegas."
Suzanne Levy-Polikoff

"This is a necessary conference for any advisor who takes LTCi and themselvces seriously. You will not only learn a lot, you will make valuable connections. You will have a grteat ime and you will go home totally "buzzed" about LTCi."
Honey Leveen

"This meting is a great way for me to get a pulse on what's going on in ther marketplace - producers selling methods and carriers. The hardest part is picking sessions. You can pick up good ideas in every session.
Jim Wagner

"When a market changes as fast as LTC, busy producers need to keep up. The Summit is a fabulous event to quyickly get current industry information that is usable to help increase personal sales."
Randi Oster

"My first Producers Summit was New Orleans, 2003. I've been to several since and they keep getting better. Nice work.!"
Damon Moses

"I've been in the industry 15 years but your conferences are the best. So nice to network with others, Also see old friends."
Rosanne Schaefer

Take a look at the program. Lots of powerful reasons to attend ... for a very affordable price.

See Costs - Get Your Registration Form Now.

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