10th LTC Insurance Producers Summit. November 10-12, 2012. Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Call 818 597 3227

2012 LTCi Summit Program
3 Days With The Nation's Top LTCi Sales Pros

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance's
10th National LTCi Summit in partnership for the CLTC program
presents 3 days of ideas that answer the "whys"
in our business and show you how to create
new markets and be highly successful.


This is NOT puffery. We are serious that this year's Summit will provide you with all new and the very latest perspectives and information. The nation's top LTCi sales experts will be there committed to making sure every attendee leaves the Summit with the knowledge to be incredibly successful. Seriously!

The 10th LTCi SUMMIT is for you if you have ever wondered ... Why?

Why do I seem to be selling to the same types of people over and over again?

Why do I keep getting the same old objections?

Why can't I get traction with the wealthy and their advisors

Why can't I sell to clients with no prior experience?

If you want to create new markets
and increase your LTCi sales,
then you'll want to be at the 2012 LTCi Summit.

If you are a CLTC Graduate
an Exclusive Advanced Sales
and Market Program
Click to learn more about the exclusive CLTC program.

If you're new to LTCi or have
never attended a Summit - take 30 seconds
and read what prior attendees have to say!
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See The 2012 Summit Program and Schedule
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60-Seconds: What Makes This Summit Special!
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Newer LTCi Producers Please Read This
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CLTC Grads: Read a special message from Harley Gordon
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For life, health and annuity producers
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Read Jesse Slome's message for seasoned LTC specialists
Specialists Click Here

What Makes The 2012 LTCi Summit Special

If you are new to selling long-term care insurance the Summit is the only time and the only place where hundreds of top LTCi professionals gather to share and learn. It's not speakers promoting their latest book ... it's practicing top sellers who share what's working for them now. Why do they share so willingly? I'm not sure but I believe it's because they are passionate about this business and want to give back to others.

You'll gather new ideas in sessions as well as while talking at meals and receptions. You'll be able to hear from and network with top experts who will remain for 3 days to share and answer your questions.

And, for the first time, you will have access to Harley Gordon, president of the CLTC designation program. Top CLTC trainers will be sharing the latest and most relevant sessions -- all designed to make you more successful than you even imagined. Seriousdly!

If you are a more seasoned LTCi pro you'll want to attend to hear what others are doing to be successful ... to see what other marketing organizations are doing and offering ... and because the Summit is the one place where EVERYONE from across the industry gathers to talk, share and recharge their batteries.

Plus, we are working to make sure the program is all new ... making it a valuable experience and well worth the cost and your time to attend. Sertiously!

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A Message For New(er) Producers

As someone new to any business, you are right to be skeptical about wonderful sounding offers and you are right to watch every dollar you spend (even though we work to keep costs as low as possible).

But there are some things that make the LTCi Producers Summit the single most valuable investment you'll make in your future.

For the first time, the Association is partnering with Harley Gordon and the CLTC designation program to make sure that Summit attendees get what really is some of the most valuable knowledge you can get anywhere. Practical information that you can and will be able to put to use.

But agents who have attended prior Summits (and many come year after year) tell me that the single greatest benefit is the ability to meet with others who just like you are trying to be more successful in what can be a very difficult business.

A final word for true skeptics. The Summit is one benefit of being a member of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and, as such, we work hard to keep costs as low as possible. Other conferences cost 2 or 3 times as much. Not our approach. Your registration fee includes two breakfasts, two evening receptions, one luncheon and, of course, access to the great program and exhibits and more.

Attending the Summit is an investment in yourself. It's one of the best investments you'll make. And, it takes place again in fabulous Las Vegas ... what more do we need to say to convince you to register now!

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A Message From Harley Gordon, President, CLTC

A Special Message to CLTC Graduates from Harley Gordon, President, CLTC

For the first time CLTC is proudly partnering with the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance to offer outstanding new information to producers and a new, exclusive opportunity for our CLTC graduates attending the 2012 Summit.

The CLTC program is a new half-day program designed exclusively for our graduates attending the Las Vegas Summit. This special program will take place Sunday, November 11 – an exclusive gathering only open to CLTC graduates and featuring our top instructors who will join with me for a meaningful and impactful morning.

The CLTC program will introduce new concepts. This is a very special opportunity and together with our instructors and staff we look forward to spending three days together with you in Las Vegas. I strongly recommend that CLTC graduates attend.

Harley Gordon, President

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What Is The Exclusive CLTC Graduate Program?

There are advanced programs in the educational world and then there are programs that advance your career. For the first time, CLTC has taken all of the selling concepts that have literally changed how long-term care insurance is sold and updated them, and then applied sales and marketing ideas that will enhance your practice.

This program will be held as part of the November LTCi SUMMIT. Only CLTC graduates will be able to attend this special session that will be lead by Harley Gordon along with our national CLTC trainers.

The first half of our all-new CLTC session will introduce new concepts including
Talking to clients that connect you in ways not possible using existing sales principles.
How to address men a critical center of influence - how you can turn no into yes.
Creating a River Dialogue to create an informal sales environment that allows clients to one up. How to use ‘agreement’ to disarm objections.
How to use Consultative Engagement, the sales philosophy that has literally changed how long-term care insurance is sold, to enhance how you sell life and disability income insurance.
Using research in novel ways that help you connect to potential clients.

Top CLTC instructors will show you how to overcoming every objection you can think of from “I just want a quote” and “What if I never use the product?” to “I can self-insure.”
Plus time for any other objections you can think of or have faced with prospects.

The second half of the exclusive CLTC graduate program shows you how to reposition yourself with centers of influence and recruit those off the beaten trail. For example, we’ll explain how you can profit by reaching out to lawyers who draft divorce and premarital agreements as well as those who concentrate in the special needs market.

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You Don't Sell Any (or Much) LTC Insurance

Actually most agents who attend the LTCi Summit are "incidental" LTCi producers. Past Summits have had nearly 600 attendees (each) and they range from those just starting out ... to those who sell a few but want to sell more (and, of course, many who specialize in selling LTC insurance.

You don't want to miss this Summit where we will have sessions focused on the new hybrid products (linked annuity and life policies). Discover why you may now have the easiest solution for your clients and prospects.

And yes, in addition you'll walk away with more knowledge about selling long-term care insurance from the nation's top experts and sales trainers.

Take a look at the 3-day program. We think you'll agree there's so much powerful information you can use ... for a very affordable price.

See costs - get your Registration Form now.

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A Message from Jesse Slome for LTCi Specialists

I'm going to keep it short and simple. Here are reasons you want to attend:

To see what's working for others -- because things change so fast you don't ant to be left in the dust!

To see what other marketing organizations are offering! Don't you want to know?"

To guage who is committed and who isn't

To network with old friends and colleagues.

To have access to top experts you might not otherwise get ... with advanced sessions this year on claims and home care ... pricing and technology.

To recharge ... be inspired again.


Take a look at the program. Lots of powerful reasons to attend ... for a very affordable price.

See costs - get your Registration Form now.

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