Why Should You Attend The 2009 LTCi Summit ?

Because you want to sell more LTC insurance!

Because you want to network with top LTC producers
and industry experts.

Because you want to meet with State Partnership
regulators, officials and centers of influence.

To see the complete current Summit program
double-click to open the PDF of the full program. Or, call the Association office and we will E-mail you the most current program.

Some minor changes have been made to the program. Be sure to pick up the latest program when you check-in at the Westin in Kansas City. Registration will open around 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 14.

This year's LTC Summit is actually 2 conferences in one.
This is the 8th National LTCi Producers Summit -- conducted by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Hundreds of insurance and financial professionals will attend to share ideas and ways to successfully market and sell long-term care insurance.

But this year something very special is taking place. The LTC Partnership Summit - which brings together federal and state government agencies responsible for LTC Partnership programs in 30 states will be held as part of the conference. You will be able to attend special sessions focused on the LTC Partnership. And, you'll be able to talk to ... ask questions of ... the people responsible for Partnership programs in your state (plus some that are coming on-board in 2009 and 2010).

Plus, in 2010 the landscape will change as annuity products (and more life policies) offering LTC benefits become available for you to sell.
The Summit will be the best place to learn how to market and sell these products. The best place to hear from top producers and industry experts.

Finally, the cost to attend the Summit in 2009 is lower than in any prior years.
The Association wants to do everything possible to bring together hundreds of passionate producers. Nearly 500 agents, brokers and marketers are registered to attend.

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