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Every day over 1,000 Americans make a decision to purchase long-term care insurance. Thousands more request price quotes and get ready to buy. People don't want to go into a nursing home. They know government programs aren't the solution. They don't their spouse to be their caregiver.

Welcome to the Association's Career Success Center. This is a free service for those considering a career selling LTC insurance... or those looking to be more successful.

Find out why this is an opportunity for you.

What's the best way to get started?

Listen to these informative audios featuring one of the industry's top experts who has trained and mentored hundreds of successful long-term care insurance pros. Each audio is about 15 minutes long but packed with great information. Click the Listen Now tab to play each audio.

1: Is This A Career For You?
Listen to this audio first.

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2: Your First 90 Days
What you need to know for a successful start.

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3: The First Year in LTCi
A conversation about the all important first year.

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4: A Career Selling LTC Insurance
Opportunity, Income, Getting Started.

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5: Ways To Establish Rapport
The key to establishing trust.

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6: Establishing Health Eligibility
Avoid being a 'professional visitor'.

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7: Get People To Need "It"
The magic words to say.

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Do you want more information? Are you ready to take the next steps? We can connect you with people who'll share the knowledge and products you need to be successful. Some will even provide you with interested prospects to sell to.

Click on my email address below. Share your name, phone number and any helpful information that I will personally pass along to those I believe can be of most help. We won't sell or do anything else with your information.

Your success is important to you. It is also important to the growth of this industry and the future protection of individuals and their families.

I wish you much success.

Jesse Slome
Executive Director
American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance


Disclosure: Information and opinions shared are not intended to represent or guarantee that every insurance agent or financial advisor will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort and motivation. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated by experts we interview. Any business endeavor has inherent risk and we advise all to do their research and ask lots of questions.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

An Opportunity Worth Exploring

Americans are facing an enormous problem and you could be offering the solution. In doing so, you will be helping people and their families. You'll also be earning an income for yourself and your family.

The problem arises because Americans are living longer than ever. Celebrating an 80th or 90th birthday is no longer historic, it's common. But when one lives a long life, the likelihood of needing what is called "long term care" is very likely. That's why you read so many news articles about this issue.

Millions of Americans already need long-term care. Millions more will need it in the years ahead. The only solution available today is long-term care insurance.

Few Americans have done any planning for the enormous and very costly risk they face. Government programs like Medicare pay very little for long-term care. Health insurance policies typically don't cover it either. So, people either have to rely on family members, or they pay for care until their savings are completely spent and they can qualify for Medicaid (welfare). It's not a pretty picture.

Long-term care insurance is one solution and as more people learn how it works and how it can benefit them, they are purchasing this important protection. Last year, roughly 500,000 individuals purchased long-term care insurance on an individual basis or through a plan offered by their employer.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is the national trade organization established to educate consumers and support insurance and financial professionals who market and sell this important protection.

The need is great. So is the opportunity for you to do good work... and, as the saying goes, you can do well (income wise) by doing good.

Selling long-term care insurance can be a full-time career. It can be profitable on a part-time basis – something extremely rewarding and profitable to do after you retire. It can provide you with a potential steady income year-after-year. But, as with any new effort, it takes a commitment. Start by listening to the audios provided here.

What's The Best Way To Get Started

In Long-Term Care Insurance

It's hard to provide a complete answer to this in just a few sentences. But we can provide the following overview of the process of getting started in this or any new venture.

1. Learn as much as you can. We've provided some free audios here that are well worth listening to. If you get excited and feel you could be successful, take the next steps. Talk to those working in the industry. We provide links to leading organizations that help train and support new people just like you. Consider attending a professional meeting, such as the National LTCi Summit where you can meet face-to-face with others.

2. Assess your own skills and personality. Are you a self-starter? Are you comfortable speaking and meeting with people you don't know? Do you like working independently or as part of a larger group? Do you relate to financial and insurance topics and products?

3. Look at your need for immediate income. Do you need cash immediately? It can take a few months before income starts to be generated. If you are not presently licensed to sell insurance products, you will need that to get started. And, the process of selling long-term care insurance can take time … so, if your need is immediate, this isn't the right opportunity for you.

4. Invest $98 in yourself. There is a wealth of information here – but there is much, much more available to members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. The $98 investment to join for a year and access everything we offer members online could be the best dollars you spend.

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